Hi, I am Lorri Soqui.

I want to invite you to look around my website. If you have any questions or want advice, please use my contact me page. I hope today I am able to help you live your best life. If you are here to get out of pain with my DVD or buy my book, "Be Healthy On Purpose", I hope your happiness increases.

Postural Diseases or Conditions:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
Foot Pain
After Surgery Pain
Loss of Memory
High Blood Pressure
Deterioration of the Joints and Spine
Loss of Cartilage Leading to Bone against Bone

     Are you suffering from any of these Postural Diseases or conditions?

     These conditions can put you at risk of pulling or tearing muscles, headaches, poor digestion, constipation, pinched nerves, nerve dysfunction, circulatory disfunction, etc...

     Poor posture contributes to a forward head position that can decrease oxygen, cause premature aging and disease.
     There is nothing good about bad posture and a human body cannot be pain free without correct posture.

      Postural diseases are all too common and can be avoided or helped with the Soqui Method of engaging proper breathing and  specific exercising of key areas in the body.

     Live Pain Free Now! - Click here to order the DVD or Digital Download of my corrective therapy routines that I engineered specifically to help you get out of neck, back, hip, knee and ankle pain.

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Forward Head Position:
     As our bodies age with bad posture, our heads can lean further and further forward. This result can lead to pain not only in our neck and shoulders but also in our backs and hips. For every inch forward that your head is away from perfect posture, you are losing more and more oxygen to the brain.

Why follow the Soqui Method of Wellness and Whole Healthy Pain Free Living?
• Spot the warning signs of forward head posture     
• Transition out of pain fast
• Relieve stress
• Improve your posture
• Unload the burden on load bearing joints
• Reclaim as much as 30% of your energy
• Tone and shape your body
• Reverse the effects of gravity on your body and life
• Implement the secrets to not destroying your joints
• Significantly increase your flexibility
• Boost your efforts in life by strengthening your back
• Get your life in alignment by getting your body in alignment
• Fine-tune your posture for a true, mind, body and nutritional experience

Forward Head Position Diagram

Real Life Reviews!

     Congenital Hip Disorder and Tibia Torsion Pain is Gone! Samantha Stevens was born with Congenital Hip and Tibia Torsion. She has been in pain her entire life. Doctors wanted to do surgery and replace her hip. Samantha started to do corrective treatments with the Soqui Method at Summit Athletic Club in St. George, UT with Lorri Soqui and she is now 100% pain free.      
     I have countless reviews from the thousands of people who I have been able to help and I have some of their testimonies on a playlist on my YouTube channel.

How can you access training from Lorri Soqui and get the benefits from the Soqui Method?

1. Healthy Posture Corrective Group Session

     I teach the Soqui Method that I engineered for group corrective sessions at the Summit Athletic Club here in St. George, UT.

2. Cardio Posture Therapy Group Session

      In this class at the  Summit Athletic Club, I bring cardio into our workout while still lengthening the spine and engaging our core. When I designed this class I did not realize what a positive impact it had on my own life and body. It truly works miracles.

3. Private Training

      I am available for private therapy sessions at your home. Contact me for more information.

4. Training Videos and Books

     For those that cannot access me in person, my training and teaching of the Soqui Method can be found in books and videos in my online store right here on my website.

Check out my video library on YouTube!