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Lorri offers her services as a consultant for businesses, schools, and as an event speaker.

The Truth About Poor Posture in the Workplace: 
      Enhancing employee productivity and boosting profitability through a healthy posture initiative has never been more important or easier to implement for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. When you bring in nationally renowned posture specialist Lorri Soqui, to your company, your employees will learn the truth about what poor posture and being out-of-shape can cost their jobs, careers, and overall quality of life. Lorri's straight forward and passionate approach is enlightening as much as it is immediately beneficial to both employees and the company as a whole.

Gravity: Friend or Foe
     A healthy posture isn't simply sitting in a chair the right way, or standing and walking properly any more than being healthy is just about weight loss. It's as much about your energy, vitality, confidence and self-esteem as it is about... gravity. Yes, gravity. Unlike the people it adversely affects, gravity never takes a break and never sleeps. During this eye-opening and life altering program, Lorri will share with your audience a simple process for undoing years of gravity inducing compression and reversing the aging process.

When You Hire Lorri To Speak, Your Audience Will Learn:
1. How to correct tight and constricted muscles
2. Where gravity is compressing and what do do about it right away
3. How to unload the burden on load bearing joints
4. The warning signs of forward and head posture
5. How to set fitness and life-style goals that are as realistic as they are inspiring
6. Why ergonomic furniture is not enough to produce a healthy posture
7. How to maximize your career and lifestyle by mastering healthy posture techniques
     Lorri knows how to deliver life-changing information that positively enhances the lives of everyone who attends. She leaves nothing to chance as she gives your audience a speaker who is not only passionate, but one of the world's foremost experts on healthy posture.