The Soqui Method: Poor Posture = Poor Health

     Throughout my 35 years of fitness training and studying, I have found that each discipline of health focuses on one area of your life. From Yoga to HIIT workouts, from body building to spin class, from Keto to Atkins nutrition, etc... Which one is right? Which one is the best?

     The Soqui Method is not just one aspect of fitness. I have developed an all encompassing wellness guide to wholeness. A complete Mind, Body, and Nutrition common sense approach that is easy to follow. In order to live a happy life, one must be healthy first. No one in pain is living a happy life. You can't focus on working out your body and expect to be healthy if your nutrition is terrible. You can't expect to eat right and be happy if your mental head space is stressed and in a dark place.

     Mind, Body, and Nutrition: These three things must work together in concert in order to bring your health to its most optimum level so you can live a happy and peaceful life free from pain.

     The best place to start is a proper joint building routine that will relieve and keep you out of pain for years to come. It is more simple that most people realize. The goal is to do my routine everyday and reach further into your stretches. This workout strengthens the Ankles, Knees, Hips, Back, and Shoulders. If you have any of these joint pains, this DVD will help you get out of pain and live pain free from now on!

Every movement I utilize is designed to:
1. Strenghten weak muscles that are loose and weak
2. Stretch muscles that are too tight and constricted
3. Bring body to balance
4. Stop deterioration of joints and spine
5. Shape muscles to function properly

Water: Did you know your brain is 70% water? Have you ever smelled stagnant water in a puddle? How much more important is your brain than puddle on the ground. Drinking clean fresh water every day is the most important part of your diet. I like to say it makes up 1/3 of your happiness.

Oxygen Therapy:
     New oxygen is carried from your lungs into your red blood cells and then into your muscles and brain. Breathing deep exercises the lungs and replenishes the body with new oxygen that repairs your muscles enables your brain to function at 100%. You will not get the total benefit to your workout if you do not breathe the way I teach. Open your mouth, fog the mirror, and exhale all the oxygen out of your mouth on every breath.